Sunday, August 31, 2008

i triple dog dare you...

my first Daring Baker's Challenge: Chocolate Eclairs
w/ Thai Tea Pastry Cream

I was really excited about joining the Daring Bakers and tackling my first assignment. I say was because I made these nearly a month ago (I know, I jumped the gun a little) and the photos have been sitting on my desktop for weeks. It goes without saying that a good amount of my enthusiasm for these eclairs has worn off.
That is not to say that they didn't taste great.. they did.

Instead of going with the chocolate pastry cream, I opted for a thai tea flavor. The filling was a bit of a disaster, it wasn't nearly as thick as I would have liked which in turn made the eclairs themselves look...well..kind of limp


Sara said...

thai tea pastry cream sounds really interesting.

silverrock said...

Mmmm... those eclairs look tasty. Way to go on your first DB challenge