Saturday, August 9, 2008

coastal northwestern vaguely vietnamese summer rolls

There's something really satisfying about growing your own food.
Not only do you have complete control over what goes in it, on it, around it, but there's something else; a whispered, barely audible "fuck you" to the man. A "yeah, that's right I grow my own food. your wilted, waxed, sprayed and soggy veggies aren't wanted here."

Well enough about that. Here's the recipe for the summer rolls:

+round rice wrapper things- briefly dipped in water (do this one at a time)
+butter lettuce- torn into small pieces
+cucumbers-sliced long and thin
+bean sprouts
+beets-cooked, sliced thin (canned is alright)
+fresh mint
Place a fair amount of each ingredient (use your judgement) in the bottom third- center of the now soggy rice wrapper.
Fold in the sides and roll tightly as you would do with say... a cigar.. or ya know- whatever you're into.
Keep them wrapped in damp paper towls until you're ready to serve them- they dry out and get gummy rather quickly.

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