Saturday, August 9, 2008

the quest for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie: part II

I think I may have found them.

Were the cookies I made last night the best cookies in the entire world? I can't say for sure, most likely not.
However, they were by far the best I've ever baked myself.
In fact, they were so good I didn't have the opportunity to photograph them before.. well.. before I, and a few others, ate them.

The majority of the cookies met their demise straight out of the oven, the other two lasted just until 7:30 am this morning.

The recipe, again, was adapted from the Ghiradelli link I included in my previous post.
I used bittersweet chips (Ghiradelli), 60% cacao (makes for a better cookie than semi-sweet, jus' sayin)
Let them mingle, marinate, mellow, whathaveyou, in the fridge for just under 2 days
And finally, I sprinkled them with kosher salt before placing them in the oven (thank you NY Times)

I also made them a little larger than your typical cookie and baked them for 10-11 minutes at 375

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