Tuesday, August 12, 2008

put 'em in the toaster, that's the way you're sposter

Fig Pop Tarts w/ Ginger Frosting & Classic Chocolate Fudge

Ever since I was a child, I have loved pop-tarts

For years and years breakfast meant... pop- tarts.
And, well, pop-tarts meant a whole lot more than breakfast; they were delicious at all hours of the day, particularly 2am.
I was always fond the of chocolate fudge and frosted strawberry variety

Having said that, I should note that up until this morning I've been clean for over two years, no contact with toaster pastries whatsoever. As you can imagine, I had high hopes for what my first venture back into pop-tartdem would be like.
Unfortunately, I was rather dissapointed; it wasn't half the tart I remember it being.

So I decided, with the help of Mr. Alton Brown, to bring back the toaster pastry in style... and without all those weird chemicals.
Don't call it a comeback:

Alton's Pastry Recipe
::I should note that I used 1/2 whole wheat flour, 1/2 AP flour::

The ginger icing consisted solely of powdered sugar, apricot nectar, and powdered ginger.


Michelle said...

um, wow, I didn't know you can make these all growed up! LOL. What great inspiration!

RecipeGirl said...

So cute! I was clean for a few years too until this past summer. We were on vacation with my family, which included TEENAGERS who eat everything. Yep, they bought pop tarts and I caved! Yours look quite delicious too :)

PaniniKathy said...

How cool! Never occurred to me to try and make my own pop tarts, but now I definitely want to! :-)